There are literally hundreds out there... just look at this. Of the many souls brave enough to bare their lives to the world, these are some of my favorites.

    • Greg's Music Reviews, by Greg, a friend now living in Austin. He really should write more often.
    • In Medias Res, by Ryan my husband. See my world from another side.
    • The Jon-Jon Diaries, by John Kusch. How does he fit so much wit onto one page? (He lived in Ocala, Florida!)
    • Perfect Way, by Sara. Dispatches from a small island nation (no, not Hawaii).
    • Water, by Maggy. Infrequently updated but always thoughtful. One of the slickest setups I've seen.
    • Xeney. Who can resist Beth?


    On the rare occasion I have free time, here are some of the places I go.

    • Dan's Screen Shot Movie Quiz, a weekly ritual. He's had to have seen three million movies.
    • Fametracker. A guilty pleasure.
    • FoodTV is the only reason I bother with cable television. "Iron Chef" and "East Meets West" are among my favorite shows.
    • Metafilter is my husband's attempt to wean me away from Fametracker.
    • The Onion. I miss 'The Cultural Idiocy Quiz,' but they're still funny.
    • ThreeWayAction, the definitive forum for journalers.

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